Hankybook Organic Cotton Handkerchief 3 pack set


Handy Hankybook three pack means you always have one ready to go.  3 different cover designs in this set of 3 Hankybooks.

 Hankybooks are an ingenious reusable book of organic cotton handkerchiefs. 

Use them and turn the page to use again. You never touch the germy stuff.  Wash, dry and reuse.

Approximate size 4.25" x 3"  Made in the USA.


STEP 1. PINCH OFF. Pinch the pages of the hankybook together to form a bind at a clean location. 

STEP 2. BLOW! Sometimes it helps to isolate blowing into one nostril at a time.


STEP 3. FOLD & TUCK.For a quick and effortless return to the pocket.