About Simple Family Living

Since 2006 Simple Family Living has been a resource for sustainable, organic, quality items that nurture the body, mind and planet. Our priority is to provide reusable long lasting products that can be used and enjoyed for years, reducing the waste of replacement and lowering the impact on our landfills. We are looking for responsible and quality eco friendly choices for the everyday items that we all have on hand. Every decision made can potentially make a difference to our planet and our health.

Our goal is to provide a collection of sustainable products that meets the highest standards we can find. We look for items that are socially responsible, earth friendly, organically grown and long lasting. We search for ways to replace the disposable items in our lives with re-usable alternatives and we look for toys that encourage the imagination and creativity of children.

Simple Family Living is a family owned business operating in a National Scenic Area along the Columbia River east of Portland, Oregon.


With Warmth and Peace,

Simple Family Living